Sell Laser particle size analyzer

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1. Power 220V, 50HZ

2. Wattage Rating
Measurement Unit 30W
Sample Circulation Feeder 150W
Micro-computer 150W
Printer 50W
Ultrasonic Cleaner (Selected Purchase) 120W

3. Operation Temperature 5~350

4. Humidity < 85%

5. Dimensions Measurement unit 430W350W430mm
(LWWWH ) Sample Circulation Feeder 370W200W300 mm

6. Laser Type He-Ne Laser
Wattage Rating 2.0mW
Wavelength 0.63285m
Expected Life-span 2 years

7. Particle Size Range 0.05~5005m
Measurement Repetitive Error
(D50 of the samples whose particle sizes less than 10) <3%

8. Duration of Data Sampling 1~2seconds

9. Number of Detectors 53

10. Sampling system Sample Static Feeder Volume 13.5ml
Sample Circulation Feeder Volume 660ml
Circulating speed 3 levels

11. Data output, Storage and Transmission
Screen Display
Printer Output
Computer Hardware Storage
Long-distance Transmission

12. Format of Measurement Report
Measurement System Parameter
Average Volume Diameter
Accumulative Diameter percentage (Critical diameter)
Specific Surface Area
Particle Size Distribution Curve
Particle Size Distribution Table
Two Types of Report: General Report
Statistic Report
Brand Name
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity