Sell LaserLab - Laser inspection tool

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The LaserLab is the world's first three dimensional bench-top laser inspection system. It's fast, accurate, shop floor rugged and inexpensive. It allows SPC sampling supplier audits and first article inspection up to one thousand times faster than with traditional manual gauging techniques.

Using General Inspection's leading laser technology, the LaserLab accurately measures diameters, lengths, tapers, straightness, concentricity and threads to print dimensions with exact results every time. And it greatly reduces part to part variability by eliminating operator error.

An innovative part handling system allows quick and easy loading. And after every pass the laser beams are all automatically calibrated to NIST standards ensuring accuracy.

Now high volume parts manufacturers can invest capital into technology that dramatically improves quality, efficiency and brings dramatic savings to the shop floor.

The LaserLab makes the manufacturing process more precise so you can sample more often, get real time control of your manufacturing processes and get zero.

Measurable Characteristics:

* Lengths
* Diameters
* Tapers
* Radii
* Concentricity
* Straightness
* Hex: Across Corners, Across Flats
* Diameters at specific lengths
* Length from specific diameters
* Threads: Pitch, pitch diameter, major diameter, minor diameter, functional diameter, lead angle, flank angle
* Trilobe (Threaded and Blanks) : Parameters C, D, E, K
* First Scratch/Last Scratch Thread
* First Full/ Last Full Thread