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We are producing and selling Laundry Soaps and Detergents only for export.
We are also ex-malt the Soap root (Acanthophyllum Root) , a Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Licorice Extract (66%) from Turkmenistan. These are products of a phytogenesis, that's why on them there is no certificate of quality. The description of Soap root: Name - Acanthophyllum root (Soap root) . Latin name - Acanthophyllum species. English name - Soap root. Root dimensions - 3-7 cm in length, 2.5-5cm in diameter. Admixture and foreign matter - 2.5 or less. Moisture - less than 7. Appearance - typical of soap root pale yellow to cream woody plant part.
We have only a certificate of quality on Licorice extract: a kind - paste like. A smell - weak, original. Taste - lusciously-sweet, irritating. Color - is dark-brown. Humidity - from 33% up to 35%. The maintenance glycyrrhiza - from 18% up to 19%. Licorice extract spreads in steel or plastic 200 litres flanks on 270-280 kg. Roots are pressed in bales on 200-250 kg.