Sell Lavender Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology: Release stress, ease blues, improve insomnia.

2, Physical:Effectively treat hypertension, bronchitis, sore throat, cold, asthma, tuberculosis, poor digestion, muscle ache, menstrual disorder.

3, Skin: Promote cell regeneration, heal wounds, remove oil and acnes.


1, Sleeping: Apply 2 droplets onto pillow inside.

2, Bath:Apply 5-8 droplets into water, soak for 10-15mins for refreshment.

3, Emergency:Apply to wounds like burn and cut.

4, Cloth:Apply 2-3 droplets into chest.

You can create whatever atmosphere you want in your home or work place by using candle burners or light bulb rings.
Rosemary, for example, helps mental concentration (good for exams) , while Bergamot is uplifting and Lavender is relaxing. See order form for details of products available.