Sell Lead-Free Reflow Oven

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-The machine adopts heating method of imported
heating board with even temperature and high heat
compensation officiency is especially suitable
for the soldering of BGA , CSP components
-The patent wind wheel design, can ensure stable
wind pressure
-All temperature zone apply coerciue independent
cycles PID controls and up-and-down heating
style, which make the temperature of the oven,
accurate with a large heat capacity
-The heating is quick, it takes less than 20
minutes to heat from the normal temperature to
the working temperature
-Powered by the imported high temperature high
speed motor with high quality to hot wind creaed
is stable with no vibration and noise
-PCB board automatic tracing system
-The upper-cover of the oven is raised by air
pressure safety stick so it is convenient for the
cleaning of the inside
-The in phase paralled conveyor of chans and
mesh , which adopts sect-less shifting close cycle
-The track are made of special aluminum alloy
with high rigidity accuracy and intensity , the
auto lubricant filling systems
-Chinese-English , windows 2000, controlling system
with powerful function and convenient operation
-Power-off protection function which ensures the
normal output of PCB board without damage after
the power is cut
-Powerful programming soft wares controlling
-It can detect the on-line temperature of PCB
board and can analysis , store or type the data

* Double conveyor system the in-phase parallel
double conveyor of chains and mesh, the width of
the conducting tracks can be adjusted individually
* centering support system
* double cold water cooling

-Automatically monitoring and displaying the
working condition of the oven
-The oven can be turned on or off at a set time
by computer
-Cold water cooling quick and even, which makes
soldered point smooth and shining
-The nitrogen flux control chare enable you to
know the nitrogen flux any-time
-Quickly extracting oxygen and charging with
nitrogen , this can provide high purity nitrogen
-Vertical nitrogen separating curtains to prevent
the leaking lf nitrogen