Sell Lead-Free Soldering System

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1. Lead-free manufacture procedure and
environment friendly design
2. Auto synchro input board connected to the
equipment ensures a smooth and steady input of
3. Specially made aluminum alloy guides provide
hardness and intensity
4. Panasonic power conveyance system, infinitely
variable adjustment
5. Airtight isobarically scaling flux spray
system guarantees the invariableness of spray
6. Servo motor and flux spraying head performs a
to-and-fro jet, the spraying area is adjusted
automatically as the width and speeds of PCB
7.1800mm lengthening cast aluminium heating
board independent PID
8. It has the function of heat compensation after
pre-heating that makes the temperature of PCB
drops least before go into the solder pot
9. Tin furnace liner of titanium alloy , world top
technology , new design of furnace liner elegant
appearance, cleaning easily
10. Screwy wave screw type jet designed solder
SMD component solder parts withent crack
11. Fine wave new and advanced technology of
horizontal flow little oxygenation quantity
streamline flow wave makes solder point perfect
12. Soldering system dual wave adopting step less
frequency conversion and control wave height
13. Auto claw cleaning equipment imported high
quality mini pump
14. Strong cooling system
15. The best economical operation

1. The system is controlled digitally production
parameter is imputed with numerical values
2. Chinese English windows 2000countrolling
system control
3:. PC/PPI protocol is adopted in PC and PLC
communication, word stably without system halting
4. Manual and automatic rrnning mode optonally
5. It is equipped with 3PCB temperature testing
points and 3temperature curves can be tested
6. Automatically switches on/off according to the
date and time set by the user
7. ll the temperature date speed and temperature
curves can be saved transferred and printed

1. Broad PCB welding max 450mm
2. . To support the middle parts of mosaic boards
3. The fun blows hot wind to the bottom of PCB
4. Strong cooling system
5. Nitrogen supplied system
6. Source lf nitrogen gas
7. Tin furnace's automatic lifting and entry
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