Sell Lead Oxide Red

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Lead Oxide Red(Lead Tetroxide)
1. Name of Product and Standard:
Name of Product: Red lead, another name is bright lead, chemical identity is trilead teroxide.
Molecular Formula: Pb3O4
Molecular weight: 685.57
2. Characters and Uses:
Red Lead is a kind of fresh organge red powder, its specific density is 9.1, it starts to disintegrade into Lead Oxide at 500-> , is insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in nitric acid, partly soluble in glacial acetic acid, soluble in hot aqueous alkali. It changes into black Lead sulphide while meeting hydrogen sulphide, while put outdoor in the open air it changes into while Lead sulphate and it is poisonous.
Red Lead is mainly used to make Antirust Paint, Optical glass. Pottery glaze and Enamel, in electric industry is used to make piezofiles, in Chemical industry is used for weak oxidizer.
Technical Standard: GB1705-86

3. Packing:
50kgs iron drum / 25kgs plastic woven bag with inside PE bag.