Sell Lead Red(Pb3O4)

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Lead Red
Chemical Formula:Pb3O4
Molecular Weight:685.6
Character:Red, heavy powder, Poison!Indissoluble in
water and acohol.
Specification:In conformity with the Chinese
Standard. GB1705-86
Content of lead superoxide(PbO2) % >=33.9
Content of lead tetroxide(Pb3O4) % >=97
Erapoyate substance 1500C% <=0.2
Remains on sieve(63&micro; m) % <=0.75
Unsoluble in nitric acid % <=0.1

Content of iron sesquioxide(Fe2O3) % <=0.005
Content of copper oxide(CuO) % <=0.002

Application: Mainly used in industries such as
antirust paint, optical glass, ceramics store battery
Packing: Packed in plastic film bag with plastic woven
bag as it's outer package, net weight 25 kgs each.
Storage & Transportation:This product should be stored
in dry warehouse. Strictly keep from moisture. Keep away
from acid during storage and transportation.
Explanation: Special specification can be manufactured
and packed according to the customer's demand.