Sell Leader LD series diffusion silicon pressure, liquid level and differential pressure transmitter LDN800/LD500/LD600/LD300/LD-PCIR

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1. Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed pressure and differential pressure measurement
2. LDN800 and LD500 are for liquid and gas pressure measurement. Range from 0---10kPa --- 0---40MPa
3. LD600 is for liquid level measurement. Range from 0---1m --- 0---200m
4. LD300 is for gas differential pressure measurement. Range from 0---0.2kPa --- 0---1Mpa
5. LD-PCIR is resistance signal conditioner
6. 2-wire, 4---20mA or 3-wire, 0---5VDC output
7. Operating temperature: -40---850
8. Stability:10.25%F. S
9. Various pressure connectors are selectable
10. Explosion isolated and intrinsic safety models