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Leaf Carvings are a sophisticated , stylish and unique wall decoration. Each Leaf Carving is produced on a natural Chinar leaf (Grows in Pakistan, India and Southern China) . Chinar leaves resemble large North American Maple leaves and vary in size from 7 1/2" to 9"+ inches wide by 7 1/2" to 9"+ inches tall.
Leaf Carvings are ancient Folk Art and are considered to be a segment of Leaf Art. The skills associated with making a Leaf Carving are more associated with the skills of a craftsman rather than an artist. Long before paper was invented by the Chinese, ancient civilizations used the natural materials at hand such as tree bark, stone and leaves to record his activities, expressions and thoughts. In essence, Leaf Carvings trace back to the earliest civilizations of man.
Modern day technology has been applied to this ancient Folk Art form. Ancient carvings had all but the major veins removed in the carving process. Modern day leaf Carvings only remove the layers of the leaf surfaces allowing all the veins to remain. The veins add structure and detail to the Leaf Carving.
The President Obama Leaf Carving is a recent development. One version has the script "A Dream Fulfilled" ( Item shown) while the other has the script, "44 th President, United States of America. " The companion to the President Obama leaf Carving is the Martin Luther King Jr Leaf Carving.
Leaf Carvings are relatively unknown in the world. In the USA customers are coming back with comments, "Amazing, " Beautiful, " and "How in the world do they do that?" Leaf carvings are a product that once viewed, sales result.
Supply Capacity
500 per week
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Natural Brown, red, green
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7-9" w X 7-9" H
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LC 450030
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L/C, T/T, Check, Money Order, Pay Pal
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