Sell Leasing Bank Instruments

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If you need to enhance your credit position with your bankers, or your suppliers bank.

If you need to boost the activity in your balance sheet then you could consider leasing
a Certificate of Debt. It can take the form of a Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, CD, Promissory Note, or Bond.

We arrange instruments issued by major world banks that will enhance, or secure your credit, with a view to completing your specific commercial operation.

Although this can be a powerful instrument, it is not negotiable, or to be considered as security, or used as collateral. It is an enhancement instrument that will be assigned to you. Transfer of ownership is not possible.
These instruments are available for a leasing fee. They cannot be called on at maturity,
and an indemnity will have to be provided to that end.

The instruments are transmitted to the receiving bank via SWIFT.