Sell Leasing Capital Equipment

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We offer customized equipment leasing and financing solutions for vendors, end users, on all types of commercial equipment including:
Capital Equipment, construction equipment, machines, planes, ships etc. You get the purchase price, we take the risk.
No currency exchange problems. We deal with any fiscal/legal problems as well as transport and insurance issues.

Our experienced and dedicated staff of professionals evaluates your company's financial needs whether large or small, tailoring specific
lease or finance programs to assist you in meeting your company's financial goals.

We are a subsidiary of a major German commercial Bank.

We have a commitment to superior services for leasing, timely approvals, rapid funding, flexible programs and continuous ongoing financial support.

We focus on meeting the needs of small and large companies as well as corporations, involving a wide variety of business types.

For your customer: Leasing installments paid from cash flow generated by leased equipment. Offset leasing costs against income tax as an operating expense, new leasing does not show on company assets, either for book
keeping or tax purposes. Liquidity is improved, as there are no lines of credit to call upon.