Sell Leather Shadow Play Carving Puppets (LS-03)

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Such a find! You are viewing a Chinese Wonderful Leather Shadow Play puppet. It is a 100% original hand-made puppet, so exquisite and elegant Design! It comes from shannxi --my hometown. It is in very good condition, looks colorful and really lifelike! The exquisite shadow puppets not only can be played by yourself but also are a good choice for house ornament. Please don't miss such wonderful item, it absolutely is a excellent item for your collection! A lot of collectors love to select it in the world.

Because there are too many products in our show room, we couldn't display all of them on our website. We will be grateful if you could tell us about what you are especially interested in. Then we can arrange more detailed photos to send you by email for your further reference.

We can manufacture different pattern and style papper cuttings and leather shadow according to your needs. If you have your own designed draft and the quantity reaches some standard, we will be pleased to support your plan. Our engineers will help you turn your draft into finished products.