Sell Led Car lamp

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1, Use The latest Led SMD 1210 ;

2, LV(MCD) @40MA: 3000-4500

3, Viewing angle: 120.

4, Working voltage: 12V / 24V

5, Color: red, green, blue, amber, white
6. Socket: 1156,1157,3156,3157, T10, BA9S, E10
7, QTY of SMD: 6PCS -60PCS

8, The brightness is 10 times more than normal LED,

9, The brightness 3 times more than High Brightness LED

10, Have 3 adapters, The traditional halogen lamps can be replaced directly without modification.

11, The light is purer and neednt to be filtrated by lamp-chimney.

12, There is no delay when it is turning on or off while the traditional halogen lamp has 0.3 second delay.

13, . LED lamp consumes less power. Compare with the same brightness of the traditional lamps, it consumes only 6 of the amount that a traditional lamp needs. Meanwhile, it can save the gas and electricity too!

14, Long life, more than 50000hours.

15. It can prevent the auto control circuitry become oxidation, the max drive electricity current is 0.1 A.


It can be used in:

1. Exterior automotive

- Turn signals

- Side repeaters

- Rear combination lamp

- Side markers

- Truck clearance lamp

2. Electronic signs and signals

- Channel lettering

- Contour lighting

- Indoor variable message sign

3. Office automation, home appliances, industrial equipment

- Front panel backlighting

- Push button backlighting

- Display backlighting

- Lamp for reading
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