Sell Led Curing Light ML-I

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Brief introduction : Ultrahigh light intensity, Fast-curing, cordless design, new-fashioned built-in light intensity meter ML-I using the latest lithium technology and an integrated cooling system, these ensure that the device in a long time operation even under in the high light intensity, and make the device meets the needs of a variety of treatments. One more built-in teeth bleaching procedure (need the bleaching light guide) New fashioned built in light intensity meter, using the latest wireless technologies to display the real-time light intensity on the screen in the hand piece.
Technical data:
Size (mm)
Net Weight(g)
Package size (mm)
Gross weight (g)
Lamp: 5W LED
Wavelength range: 440480nm peak : 460nm
Optic light guide : ?8, can be autoclaved (1350c)
Intensity : Using ?8 glass fiber light guide> 2000mW/cm2
LED service life: 10 second a circle, 2,000,000 circles
Battery : No memory effect Lithium Lon battery
Capacity: 2600mAh.
operational time: Full battery, 10 seconds a circle, 300 circles.
Charging time: About 120 minutes
warranty :Warranty 1 year (no including the battery and light guide)