Sell Led SMD soft lamp

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My Si Xin has developed a section of waterproofing SMD soft light strip, this product widely uses in high-quality goods decoration domains and so on automobile decoration, illumination index plate, advertisement advertisement. This product waterproofing performance is good, the use low pressure directs current the power supply safely convenient, the illumination color is diverse, the color is gorgeous. main feature:
1, may be at will curving, may fix willfully in the concave-convex surface;
2, every other 3 LED lamps then compose a return route;
3, the volume are exquisite, the color is rich.
the product parameter showed:
1, working voltage: DC12V
2, size specification: 30cm/60cm/90cm/120cm (long) *0.8cm (wide) *0.2cm (thick)
3, illumination color: Red/yellow/green/blue/green/white/entire color
4, the spacing are 2cm, the single color 30cm unit length contain 15pcs to paste piece led (entire color 18pcs)
5, to use the black bottom two-sided sealing compounds, both the solution waterproofing question and underlines the high scale personal status.