Sell Led car light-under car kit

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LED Decorative Auto lights is very popular both at home and abroad
recently . Our company is specialized in this field for years, and
exporting to Europe and United States, Japan, Southeast Asia , Home
Market and so on. Someone who would like their car cool will interested
in this kind of products. Installed them under the car , it can give off
bright lighting effects.
This is a new type of Automotive Decoration lights, combined with
safety, practicality, decoration. It could be a very good help for
redestrians and other vehicles during night , fog, rain . in order to
reduce potential cause of accidents, you need to check the chassis or
vehicle replacement tires, it can made it more convenient . In additon, it
have very good decoration effect.
The LED lights blazing outside of the chassis generally This kind LED
Under Car kit adopted a waterproof PVC pipe with quakeproof, and the
light pipe with super bright led lights. What's more , It can be very
convenient for Under Car Kit installed the nog and Power Cable, and
color to distinguish NP.
It installed at the bottom of the internal . It can take on
Red, Blue, Green, more color and colorfull changing after lighted it during
the light, very beautiful and very popular with car lovers.
LED Under Car Kit with the functions of waterproof and compression-
resistant, it have no use of washing once it be installed. it's power just
the same as one high power LED Auto lamp, it won't bring excessive
burnden to Car batteries and Generators when using it .
LED Neon lights is the latest technology, adopt LED can perform
beautiful color and good lens, low power consumption, long service
life, not mention to have heat effect. waterproof and more secure.
The voltage of LED Under Car Kit is 12VDC without transformer can be
directly mounted on vehicles, installed in front , behind , the left and
right under Car . The connector into power lines
two lines, the lights were switched access lines in the positive and
negative polarization with no distinction, when the lights were switchedon,
LED can be lighted at the same time non - neon lighting. It can be add
Voice Controller or not including 10 kinds of flash procedures
Material: PVC pipe with waterproof and quakeproof.
Color: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Packing : With 4 pcs / kit
Length:2pcs is 90cm , 2pcs is 120cm
Under Car Kit installed in the car at the foot place. find a room to fixed
it (with relative accessories )
Put 2 pcs power lines connected with auto power during installing, it
also can be connected into small switch directly, if you have lighted the
light, it can lighted beautiful and ideal color and good effect.
It also can with company 's controller , can control the light directly .
Changes' Effect:
1. Full-lighting
2. Fast Flash
3. Ordinary Flash
4. Scanning orderly
5. Reverse Scanning
6. Fast Scannng orderly
7. Scanning back and forth
8. Voice scanning (Two kinds)