Sell Legs Beauty Rejuvenator Foot Massage

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Legs Beauty Rejuvenator Foot Massage
( Model Number : 800 )

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Special designed for beauty calves and feet, the enwrap kneading and massaging serve a deep stimulation to each veins on sole, ankles to improve improve the blood circulation and activate relative organs all around body alive, then keep body run in health.

The full massage to legs and feet which performed by two sets kneading structure and one set of vibrating setup inside, can effectively remove fatigue. Three kneading models and three vibrating models can helpfully reshape legs and feet, make it seeming more beauty, slimming, vigorous and graceful, the machine is obviously welcome by ladies.
The alternating motion of press, holdup and release, the controllable speed the detachable of soft inner sleeves, and the stream line outer crust of the machine, all can reveal of the humanity design of it, also show you a luxurious fashion