Sell Lemon Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology: Cool and calm emotion in hot and dry.

2, Physical: Promote the blood circulation, allay anemia, beneficial anti-infectious disease, improve the digestive functions, prevent cold , fever, canker sores, mosquito bites.

3, Skin: Deep cleanse and clarify the skin, keep oil balance, whiten skin, anti-wrinkle, eliminate spot, effictively remove corn and flat wart.


1, Reducing Weight: 3 ml +10 ml base oil for spot reduction.

2, Mouthwash: 2 droplets+200ml water for foul-smelling breath.

3, Haircare: Apply 2 droplets into water , soak for 5-10mins.

4, Facial Mask: Apply a droplet into wash-off mask for 15mins to reduce oil and tight pore.