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1. Main functions and characteristics:

OLB-G10 Lengthwise Fiber Cable Stripper is our patent hand tool, used for stripping the sheath of optical cable. It uses unilateralism ratchet wheel to operate, so that the first-time stripped cable has the symmetry hatches on both sides, as we know, the Side Fiber Cable Ripper must strip twice in the Optical Cable Cut-over with Service process, OLB-G10 overcomes this shortage. It is portable, compact, easy to operate, time-saving; the cut-in depth can be accommodated and can strip at any part of the fiber cable. It can do one-off strip for the fiber cable X10~X30mm.

It is an absolutely necessary tool for the quality guaranteeing and the safety in the fiber cable construction, especially in optical cable stripping for the Optical Cable Cut-over with Service.

Operating Introductions:

1 Chart of OLB-G10 Lengthwise Fiber Cable Stripper
1.1 OLB-G10 mainly consists of handle, bracket, ratchet wheel dial knob, blade, blade rest, guide pole, blade journey knob, fiber cable tightening setting and other parts.

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