Sell Lengthwise fiber cluster slitter

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OLB-G02 is the hand tool used for stripping PBT with service
lengthways. We Adopt open style structure to design this tool.
It has four different sizes guide slots and eight sharp blades.
It is used for stripping PBT ("2.0mm~ "3.2mm) lengthways.
The operating instructions are as follows:
1. Complete picture of OLB-G02 Lengthwise Fiber Cluster Slitter.
2. OLB-G02 has four different sizes of guide slots.
3. OLB-G02 has eight sharp blades.
4. Put the fiber cluster appropriately in the guide slot.
5. Close the lid and pinch the slitter tightly.
6. Pinch the fiber cluster with the hand, use another hand to press firmly and pull along the guide slot.
7. Open the lid and take out the fiber cluster. V

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