Sell Level Measuring Sensors

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Promoted by technocrats, starting in 1983 with
focus on Level Measurement Solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of Level Measuring Instruments for Control & Automation of Industrial Processes.
We offer a range of Level Measuring Instruments to a wide spectrum of industries for various applications.
We are supplying our Level Measuring Instruments to all major cement, power, steel, mining, chemical and petrochemical, soaps and detergents, fertilizers, paper, food stuff and many other industries.
Our Products are developed in close co-operation with our customers.
We have more than 18 years of know-how & experience in the areas of manufacturing, selection, installation and use of Level Measuring Instruments and have more than 18000 installations in various segments of industries in India and abroad.
We have an All India sales & Service Network with trained engineers to provide quick and efficient back up before and after sales.
We believe in continuity and long term service.
We are Pioneers in manufacturing Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch for liquids and high temperature Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch for solids indigenously.
We are Pioneers in manufacturing Microprocessor Based RF Capacitance & Admittance Level Limit Switches using PFM transmission and Speed Monitors for bucket elevators, indigenously.
Our strong R & D makes us flexible to respond quickly to the changing market situation and meet our customers needs for their specific applications.
We are a financially strong company and we operate with our own funds.
We were committed long before the others to encourage & motivate our people and associates.
We have developed our own spirit of motivation.
Product Range :
Electromechinical Type
Vibrating Fork (SLM Series)
Fluidofork (SLF. . . Series)
Rotating Paddle Type (SLMR Series)
RF-Admittance Type
R. F. Admittance Level Limit Switch (SLA. . . M
Admittance Level Limit Switch (SLA Series)
Intelligent Admittance Level Limit Switch (MP-
SLA. . . Series)
RF-Capacitance Type
Compact Capacitance Level Switch
(SLS. . . Series)
Capacitance Level Switch (SLC Series)
Intelligent Capacitance Level Switch (MP-SLC. . . Series)
Continuous Level Indicator(ILC. . . Series)
Conductivity Type
Conductivity Level Switch (SLW. . . Series)
Speed Monitoring System
Speed-O-Tester (SSI. . . Series)