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3-Ketobutane-1-carboxylic acid; 3-Acetyl propionic acid;
Gamma-ketovaleric acid; Levulic acid; Gamma-oxopentanoic acid; Levulinic
acid; 4-Ketovaleric acid; beta-Acetylpropionic acid; 4-Oxovaleriansdure
(German) ; acido 4-oxovalirico (Spanish) ; Acide 4-oxovalirique (French) ;
Appearance: Colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid or white crystal
Purity(by weight) : 99% min
Chloride: 20 ppm max
Sulfate: 20 ppm max
Moisture: 1% max
Heavy Metal: 20ppm max
Iron: 10 ppm
Melting Point: 33-37 DEG. C
Boiling Point: 245-246 DEG. C
Density: 1.1335
Color by Gardener: 2max
Angelic Lactone: 2%max (GC area-%)
Levulinic Acid, a carboxylic acid containing ketone structure, can be used as an acidulant in foods and beverages. Levulinic Acid is used as a solvent in polymer, textiles and coatings. It is used as an intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, pesticides. plastics, rubber, and synthetic fibers. It is used in the manufacture perfumery, food additive, fuel additive, herbicide, solder flux, stabilizer and printing ink. Esters of levulinic acid are used as platicizers and solvents.