Sell Lexus Gs300/400/430 (98-03) is200/300(9902) Trunk Lip Spoiler

Lexus Gs300/400/430 (98-03) is200/300(9902) Trunk Lip Spoiler You May Also Be Interested In: lexus 400 lip spoiler trunk lip spoiler trunk lip spoilers trunk spoiler
The trunk lip spoiler on the E46 M3 has been a popular part to add on to any car. The problem is the length of the OEM BMW trunk lip spoiler does not match many volkswagen/audi or any other car models. In the past, people either had to live up with the part being too short or too long, or have a body shop modify the part to fit.

Manufactured in PVF, this high quality lip spoiler fits perfectly to your car. Furthermore, we can paint it to match your car body color. Or you can choose the fashionest CARBON-LOOK lip spoiler.

Please note that, ""WE OFFER MORE THAN 120 KINDS"" of length of our trunk lip spoilers. So no matter what kind of car you have, we can gives your non M car that enhanced "m" look.
Available Colors
paint to match or carbon-look
Condition of Goods
brand new