Sell Li Kang Cream

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Components:snake grease, pearl powder, fructus cnidii selinum, corktree, kuhseng, cactus and cypress broom.
Appliance scope:tinea on manus and pedes, ringworm of body and curis, tinea vercicolor, dermal eczema, acne, psoriasis, white pityriasis, dermal pruritus and the infection of outer genitals.
Directions:Outer use on the skin with 3 times per day, when to use it, massage gently to make it absorbed by the skin, continue to use it 10 days after disappear of the infection.
Caution:1. Use only for skin, anus and outer gentials; 2. Invalid to virus, nor to the infection of acute penetration and pus skin; 3. No sensitivity at present, be given cautiously to infants.