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Model: BPCAR35-5200/2S

Typical capacity (mAh) : 5200mAh
Voltage (V) : 7.4V 2S2P 2cells
Dimensions(mm) : 24.5x46.5x137.0mm
Approx Weight(g) : 286.0g

Continuous: 35C
Burst: 70C

1. More lightweight, higher capacity and thinner, smaller
2. Softcase packaging and great safety performance
3. Relative higher energy density than classical Li-Ion system
4. Flexible design. Physical size can be customized.
5. No memory effect and long cycle life
6. Wide temperature range and stable performance
7. Operating voltage range: 4.2V~3.0V
8. Charge method: constant current/constant voltage
9. Max charge voltage: 4.2V per cell
10. Operating temperature range: charge: 0~45 0C; discharge: -20~60 0C
11. Storage temperature range: -20~45 0C for three months, -20~35 0C for six months