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This Product adopts natural vitamin E and effective depilatory ingredients as materials, professionally caring for tender skin and people who are afraid of pain. With its gentle nature, the product possesses the function of protecting skin surface cells, quickly infiltrating into the skin and making hair to expand, softening and cutting off the keratin molecule linkage that constitutes hair to achieve the aim of hair-follicle depilating of surplus body hair. The skin cells after depilating are fully nourished with refreshing scent and tight pore.
Main Ingredients: allantoin, propylene glycol, dimethyl silicon oil, calcium mercaptoacetate, Ceteareth-25, polymethylmethacrylate, propyl ester, Emulgade 1000Ni PEG-20
Function: Remove exceeding hair, clean and polish skin
Suited Application Scope: For depilating four limbs hair, armpit hair, lip hair (beard) , and for eyebrow-decorating and operation purpose.
Precautions: 1. the beginner could apply the cream to the inside arm for small area response testing.
2. Avoiding touching with eyes. In case the cream enters eyes, please clean the eyes with enough clean water. If the eyes still feel uncomfortable, please go to see the doctor.
3. Avoiding application to the injured skin part
4. To enhance the depilatory effect for thick hair such as armpit hair, it is recommended to cut the hair short to a length of 1cm and apply a piece of hot towel to the part in order to open the pore and soften the hair easily. Hot towel is unnecessary for other tiny thin hair.
5. After depilating, please use soft paper towel or common towel to wipe the removed hair and clean the skin with clean water. Soap water is not allowed.
6. Put the product out of children´┐Ż s reach.
Specification: 50 ml/bottle
Storage: In light-proof, sealed, cool and well ventilated condition.
Shelf Life: 24 months
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