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Libido TLC
Features: All natural Libido Enhancement.

Features: From an ancient Chinese formula used by millions for years comes a wonder product that will PREDICTABLY produce miraculous effects for both men and women. Re-capture that youthful vigor in all areas of your life and discover the joys of a vigorous sexual response, more energy and overall vitality in a way that will satisfy your desires and put a smile on both you and your partner's faces.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of 2DG, Bombyx Mori L, Ginger Root, Oyster, Saffron Crocus, Snow Lotus and Wolfberry. 150 mg/capsule.

All ingredients in Libido formula are 100% natural.
Each ingredient in Libido formula has been used throughout the ages. Contribution of a formula by his ancestral medicine family by a traditional Chinese medicine doctor made the new Libido possible.
Libido helps the body maintain its youthful generation of Juvenile Hormone and sex hormone Testosterone level.
Libido helps perfectly normal and healthy people to find that one feeling that is, even for them, often times elusive, unbelieved, that feeling of "Wow, I can do this. . . . . . "
Libido does NOT treat sexual dysfunction or any medical symptoms, it is a supplement for holistic health.
Libido does support basic health of people who take ED prescription medicines.
Libido, at a lower dose, helps woman feel the same toward her man
For Energy, Vitality & Sexual Response. Feel the Difference!