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IR bandpass Filter for LPR/ANPR(License Plate Recognition Filter)
License Plate Recognition Cameras , CCTV camera which has been specifically designed for ANPR systems. number plate recognition camera for ANPR car parks(ANPR access control, ANPR traffic control) , Face Recognition equipment.
Substrate: Soda-lime glass, IR glass, quartz crystal.
Round Type, Squarte Type.
Thickness:0.3mm~5.0mm, 2mm (typical) .
Custom design dimension available.
PVC film packing or vacuum blister packing.
Reading a vehicle number plate is a too difficult job for a standard CCTV camera. The main problem is the exposure caused by headlight at night, but even during the day the light reflection on the number plate can make the number recognition virtually impossible. License plate number recognition or license plate recognition (LPR) is one of the most practical application of image processing and pattern recognition techniques. For License Plate Recognition CCTV cameras. Its most common use is the control of Automatic number plate recognition(ANPR) car parks, ANPR access control, ANPR traffic control. ANPR equipment, ANPR parts of the system.
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