Sell Lida Meizi Nice Figure slimming Drinking Tea

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Product Name: Lida Meizi NiceFigure slimming Drinking Tea
Model No. :
Place of Origin:Yunnan
lida meizi nice figure slimming Tea
product that handed down by the minorities is from Yunnan Mountains and is pollution-free. It is processed into CTC black tea by the careful compounding and packed into panax lozenge by Italian import equipment

** Ingredients** Wild tea, seed of sickle, tuckahoe
** Action and Indication** Weight reducing
** Suited Community** People with simple fatness
** Unsuited Community** Woman in pregnancy and lactation
** Usage & -02 Dosage** Put 1 packing of this product into the boiling water, drinkable after 5 minutes. It can be steeped and drunk consecutively once to twice. One time/ day, 1 packing/day
** Specification** 25packingx2g
** valid period** 24months
** storage** In airproof, cool and dry condition
** Approval Code** kwszz[2004]No. 03-0240
** Standard Employed** Q/ XK 0805