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Kemeida Magnet currently operates in the largest of production lines to the smallest job shops and provides the same advantages of safety, high performance, and low operating cost for each user. For sheet, plate, block, round or angle, Kemeida has a magnet for any application. Let Kemeida's engineers evaluate the feasibility of applying our principle to your magnet application.
How Electromagnet Works?
Here we take scrap steel for example. An electromagnet can be used for moving scrap steel from one place to another. In a scrapyard, a crane has a large iron disc that is not a permanent magnet. The crane operator lowers the electromagnet into a pile of scrap steel and then switches on the electricity. This causes the steel disc to become a powerful magnet. Scrap steel is attracted to the disc. When the operator switches off the electricity, the scrap steel falls off the disc. In this way, large amounts of scrap steel can be moved easily from one place to another.
Rectifier Controllers
Electromagnets require direct current power for operation. Whether used in manual or automated handling of ferrous parts, they must release the work as readily as they attract and hold. Release is a function of the rectifier and not the magnet. These rectifiers incorporate a provision for reverse current that ensures positive release of even those alloy steels which are magnetically retentive. Variable power and remote control are available. Rectifiers and rectifier-controllers are designed to provide reliable D. C. power for industrial electromagnets.
About Inquiry
To help you get the best magnet for your application, we should have the following information:
1. What are the materials you want to attract?
2. What kind of steel and iron? For example: steel scraps, steel billet, ingot, plate, bar or ball.
3. Whats the lifting capacity you expect?
4. What kind of working site does the magnet work?
5. Do you want the Cable Reel? If yes, tell me hoist height of the crane.