Sell Lighting Products

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Our products have obtained the quality authentication. Our company has many years manufacturing experience. Strict quality management provides full guarantee to clients. Our price is low in the Market. We offer good service after selling.

Including many kinds as follow:

1\Superhigh luminance pure blue, white and purple optical diode;
2\Superhigh luminance red, yellow and green optical diode special intraffic lights;
3\Superhigh luminance optical diode special in lawn and outline architecture lamps;
4\Special optical diode for outdoor display screen(picture element lamp) ;

And the LED lamps are:
1\LED decorative (shere) series;
2\LEd line(strip) series;
3\LEd under grounding series;
4\LED under water lamp series;
5\LEd track (railing) series;
6\LED CUP (down light) lamp series;
we can produce all kind of product you requirement.