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Materials: This kickstand lamp adopting the excellent electronic ballast directly replace the performance of the T8 tube. User only need to consider this kickstand lamp as the T8(T12) tube installed in the former lighting fixture , in this way , the switch oflighting and lamp-house technique from T8 to T5 will be realized . The former structure and the neednt to be changed , and maintainingthe curve of the light distribution . T5 tube ensures not only the high brightness, but also the high colour-rendning etc lighting quality . , whichwill low down the cost of the function of the lighting fixture. Comparing to the T8 lighting fixture , the T5 saves the electricity more 30% , and comparing to the T12, the percentage is 40, The apply of T5 tubes will realize the goal of the energy-saving truly.
Merits: Luminaire body is easy to install, and could be interconnected one by one.
Luminaire mounting method
Applicable occasions:: Widely applicable to classrooms, shopping centers, parlors and supermarkets.
Luminaire mounting method: Suitable for surface mounting.