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Lightning calamity has great damage to modern electronic appliance. Although there is lightning protection as lightning arrester or rod on modern building, but will have not effective protection to modern electronic equipment within the building. Because as lightning takes place, there will induce up to 2KA-20KA surge current and result rapid change of magnetic field and produce transient surge or spikes high voltage in the power line, thus will be partially or completely destroy the electronic equipment on this power line. Some important department as SPC system building and computer house of post and telecommunication, Micro wave station, computer network of bank, Power management room, signal and navigation system of airport and railway station, UPS set house, medical instrument room, military equipment and many industries has equipped many modern electronic apparatus, so the probability of lightning attack is more and more increased. Once damagecaused from lightning happen at these places, the losses is innumerable and personalharm and fire hazard may appear too.

For protect and avoid lightning damage and reduce the losses and series effects, Except to enforce the lightning protection of the building, also must apply high voltage surge suppression for lightning protection, at the power line and at entrance line of signal network. Wenzhou Modern Group manufactured " DFL series power line surge suppression for lightning protection" is a specially designed power line lightning surge over voltage suppressor used for 220V single phase and 380V three phase power supplied electronic equipment.

It employed advanced lightning protection technique of world and high quality device for lightning protection and assembled with sophisticated technologies. As the power line is attacked by lightning. The induced huge pulse current and high surge over-voltage at the power line can instantaneously release into earth, therefore the modern electronic equipment has effectively protected from lightning.
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