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The land is situated on 640 acres of land that are with a maximum elevation of 2,000 feet. Preliminary tests of surface samples indicated a 98.6% limestone purity. This indicated a considerably higher quality that that produced from similar operations elsewhere in Canada. The projected amount of limestone and marble available is in excess of 130,000,000 tonnes, according to former geological estimates.

The main objective in obtaining this site is to develop the quarry to produce crushed limestone, followed by the introduction of equipment to produce hydrated lime, a value-added product for pulp mills, etc. A future objective is to bring the high-grade marble into production.

The other site in operation has sold approximately 80,000 yards of marl during the summer of 2004. A smaller amount is still stockpiled with permits having been obtained to process more in 2005. According to government testing, a 95 year supply of marl is available at this site at this time.

Agriculture and agriculture related industries appear to be one of the most major uses of lime. Further studies revealed that other markets outside of agriculture were also very significant and have a direct connection to the use of the limestone. This now includes the following:

 Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals
 Building products
 Pulp and Paper Mills
 Water Treatment Plants
 Market Gardening
 Cement Production

Following research into these product areas, it was clearly determined that lime and its related products and applications have excellent potential in the market areas that would be served by the company. Many inquiries have come in from, individuals and organizations in need of various lime products during the past years, and the amounts of material involved is quite substantial. For instance, one paper mill contacted could use an annual supply contract for product exceeding four million dollars. There are probably about ten such pulp and paper mills that could be served by our company.

The amounts of materials, water treatment and agriculture, are very significant beyond the pulp and pare mill potentials. These revenues would add substantially to the companys earnings once an operation is established and a reliable source of supply provided.

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