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According to research, this complex carbohydrate may lend extraordinary support to the bodys immune functions.

Fucoidan is also said to:

Assist with joints*
Improve digestion*
Offer liver support*
Improve blood function*
Improve stomach function*
Enhance skin and cellular growth*
Advanced Russian Adaptogens
The product had to accomplish three objectives:
This adaptogen blend helps support:

Better focus*
Mental energy*
Enhanced sleep*
Less toxicity*
Better attention to detail*
Mood improvement*
Improvement in the aging process*
Antioxidant capability*
Cellular balance*
Superior Absorption: Aloe Vera & GreenTea
Other Life-Giving Substances

In addition to fucoidan, Limu Moui is packed with other life-giving substances. These include:

Amino acids, the bodys building blocks.  Limu Moui provides essential amino acids the body cannot create by itself. *

Glycoprotiens, which help the body defend itself. *

Essential fatty acids, which are the key to eye and brain health, normal mental functioning and normal blood sugar ranges. *

Glyconutrients, also known as sweet nutrients because they are composed of sugars (monosaccharides) . Eight glyconutrients are classified as essential because the body does not readily produce them. Great Taste

Limu Plus tastes great. You will look forward to drinking it every day for optimal health. Limu Plus is a breakthrough product like no other.

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Limu Plus
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1 case
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