Sell Linen. 100% - Linen/cotton. Linen/rayon. Ramie cotton fabric for apparel

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urong Linen Cotton Textile factory is specialize in Producing 100% Linen . Linen/cotton. Linen/Rayon . Ramie. cotton( Voile. Stretch Poplin) fabric for apparel. We own ourselves 30000 spindles spinning yarn capacity and 1000 sets weaving loom& 1500workers. We sincerely expect to establish trade cooperation relation with you in near future. And we will provide you the best quality &competitive prices, Please reference my factory's parts catalogue as below:
1) .100%linen fabric width: 9sx9s/44x43. 6sx6s/41x35. 14sx14s/50x54
21sx21s/52x53 . 17sx21s/52x53 . 7sX7s/36X32
2) :Linen/rayon:55/45% blended fabric :10sx10s/44x38 . 10sx10s/44x42. 15sx51s/56x54
3) :Linen/rayon:55/45% interweave fabric: 30s/2x14s/47x58 .20sx14s/59x52
4) Linen/cotton:55/45% interweave fabric :21SX14S/54X52 . 32X17S/56X57
5) : Linen/cotton:55/45%blend fabric
11sx11s/51x47 . 15sx15s/56x54 .20sx20s/60x56. 8sx8s/42x38 . 11sx11s/2/36x30
6) :100% ramie fabric: 21sx21s/60x60 . 21sx21s/52x58 . 8sx8s/42x38. 14sx14s/50x54
7) Ramie/cotton:55/45%inter weave fabric :21sx19s/51x58 .21SX14S/54X52
8) : Cotton:97% Spandex:3% Stretch dyed Poplin& Sateen
40sx(40s+40D) /133x72 . 32sx(32s+40D) /190X80 32SX(32S+40D) /190X70(Satin)
9) . Cotton:97% Spandex: 3% Stretch dyed Twill Fabric:
16sx(16s+70D) /112x40 . 10s(10s+70D) /90x42
10) 100% cotton voile (width: 56/57) : 60sx60s/90x88.
11) : Solid dyed Embroidery fabric
Linen/cotton:55/45% blend embroidery fabric: 11sx11s/51x47 .15sx15s/56x54
Linen/rayon:55/45% blend solid dyed embroidery fabric:10sx10s/44x38
100%ramie embroidery fabric: 21sx21s/60x60 21SX21S/52X58
We also may produce any Specification accord to your requirement . Please don't hesitate contact me if you have any inquiry . I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards
James Yao( President)
China Yurong linen&cotton textile factory