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Lingzhi Tea: Package of 10 2gram packs. This precious material medical has been used for a long time, especially in Asian countries. Pure Lingzhi tea gives a bitter taste. In order to make Lingzhi pharmaceutical value easier to serve, Nam Phuong Tea has produced Lingzhi filter teabags, which are convenient to use and help improve health Our products are manufactured from a modern closed processing line with proper hygienetic standards. The ingredients and materials, Lingzhi, radix polyciacies, honey herbs, are to be cleaned and dried prior to be processed. The next stage is to sterilize the products, packed into bags which have been processed by ultra violet. There is a simple way to serve the tea. We would recommend the best way to enjoy that is dipping the tea bags into boiling water. By doing so, we can completely and effectively use Lingzhi tea. Lingzhi tea can help relax tense muscles, relive pain and control thrombo-cyte adhesion thanks t it adenosine derivatives (Nucleocide group) . Lingzhi tea is also helpful to those who have heart troubles since it can control cholesterol biosynthesis with its steroid group. In addition, its aster group, which includes Linoleic acid containing heteroglycan. Lingzhi mushroom can strengthen immune response, decrease Granoderan B and increase insuline plasma. It also contains active elements which can level down the content of glucogen in liver hence can be used in treatment of diabetes. The alkaloids included in ganoderma lucidum, saponine triter penoids extracted from Lingzhi can be used for cardiotonic, blood regulation, liver protection and diuretic. Please try our Lingzhi teabags to confirm our recommendation. We believe the outcome will be satisfactory
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