Sell Liquid / beverage filling line

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1. Person-machine face to face mode
2. Applies touch type screen, easy operation and elegant appearance
3. Automatically feed bottles, fill and screwing caps
4. Easily set debugging devices or change specifications on the screen
5. Applies import inductor, air urn, programmable controller to ensure low failure frequency, stable run
6. Convey motor applies frequency conversion, filling capacity can be wholly adjusted as well as partly adjusted
7. Machine parts are all SS material, alnico, clean and sanitary, confirm to medicine GMP standard
8. Stop filling function when there is no bottle, lack of bottle.
9. PLC control, count bottle numbers
10. Neck fixed device(air pressure-level type) to avoid water spattered from the bottle when mistake filling

Our company mainly manufacture & sell various water treatment equipments, including pure water equipments, mineral water equipments, industrial & household RO system, brackish water/seawater desalination equipments, water supply for pharmacy, electronic and farmland and bottled liquid package equipments etc. We also manufacture series products for large scale water treatment projects, civil pipeline direct drinking water and for multi-function central distributor for different water supplies as well.
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