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Three Vee Inc, is the first and only manufacturer to provide its customers worldwide with the benefits of a liquid meat tenderizer. The origins of the practice of "tenderizing meat" by enzymes are lost in antiquity. Centuries ago, native peoples of tropical and sub-tropical climates accomplished tenderization by boiling meat with unripe papaya fruit or by wrapping meat with the leaves of this plant. Thus, obtained a slight "pre-digestion" of the meat by action of the enzyme in this plant. Today, the use of commercial enzymes products for meat tenderizing, is well established in homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. Tenderizing enzyme gives good quality meat ever more appetite appeal, creates greater enjoyment of the more popular, low-priced cuts. Use of tenderizes also shortens cooking time, thereby reducing shrinkage! Controlled application of enzymes, modifies the chemical bonds which hold together the several components. This slight pre-digestion, makes the meat "melt-in-the- mouth" more readily, provided - of course, that it has been properly prepared.
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