Sell Lithium Button Cell Battery (CR2032-LC1)

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Price: $0.05 usd/pc
Model: CR2032-LC1
Standard: CR2032
Company: Shenzhen HVKELON Invest develop Co. , Ltd.

CR2032-LC1 3V Lithium Button Cell Battery are used for different applications in the computer and automotive industries, telecommunications, medical industry and in an increasing variety of portable devices (measuring equipment, payment systems, toys etc. ) .

Sell - Lithium button cell battery CR2032, Our lithium/manganese dioxide batteries represent one of the latest advances in primary battery technology. For applications with a high current pulse (e. g. photoflash) and continuous drain, all Southtop lithium batteries provide high-energy density and excellent rate capability; wide operating temperature range and superior low temperature performance; excellent shelf life. FEATURES OF Li/MnO2 BATTERIES- High energy density- Low self discharge rate- Long storage life- No voltage delay- High current discharge- Wide range of operation temperature- Safe and environmental friendlyLi/MnO2 BATTERIES FIT APPLICATIONS FOR- Cameras/ Radios / Watches / Calculators / Computers- Civil and military communication instruments- CMOS memory backup / IC card / Memory card - Medical equipment / Health care devices- Alarms / Meters