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The new battery of our company can resolve the security problem of Lithium Battery perfectly by use LiFePO4 as its positive material. LiFePO4 is nontoxic, friendly to the environment|, quite abundant and has high specific, recycle and thermal arrest capacity. At the same time, LiFePO4 runs stably in its charging and discharging progress, so it is very safe and apt to the field which needs high security, long-life, high power and low-cost battery. But LiFePO4 has low effective conductance, so how to increase its effective conductance is a global research focus.
Our company with a union of many cooperate companies and research centers has successfully developed a new kind battery and its specific controller which resolve the problem of low effective conductance of LiFePO4. The high power Lithium iron Phosphate Battery and its special controller have been lot manufactured since the year of 2006.
As an ideal battery which has high safety and high power, our battery has the follow features:
High safety character, no explosion, no fire.
Nontoxic, non-pollution, meet the ROSH command.
Little variation of the lattice, long-life, circle over 1000 times.
Spec:Size: 18650 Voltage: 3.0V Capacity: 900mAh~1300mAh.
Sustained discharging current on 10C, maximum discharging current can get to 15C.
Release endless energy at high tempreture, can release 100% energy on 600.
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