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Lithotripter Device Localization Methods:Double localization with X-ray and ultrasonic B
Device Self Features:
1. Win multiple national patents;
2.360° rotary ultrasonic B localization device;
3. X-ray and shock wave enter into body through the same channel;
4. Multi- functional therapy bed;
5. Wave source air bubble filtering device to ensure the lithotripsy quality;
6. Absolute homoeothermic protection water circulation device;
7. Success rate of one-off lithotripsy is more than 98%;
8. The service life of shock wave source electromagnetic disc is more than 300 thousand times.
Shock-wave parameters in the therapy focus:
Peak value of shock-wave pressure:20~50Mpa
Width of shock wave:≤15s
Shock-wave front:≤0.55s
Radial direction≤ ±7mm,
Axial direction≤ ±12.5mm
Distance between focus and lens ≥110mm
Performance parameters:
Therapy voltage: 10kv-18kv
Display range of the high voltage:1~18kV; ±0.1kV
Frequency range of continuous triggering:0.5~2Hz
Count range of triggering:0~9999