Sell Livestock Insecticide

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Beta-cypermethrin + lambda-cyhalothrin WP
Active Ingredient: Beta-cypermethrin and lambda-cyhalothrin (recommended by WHO)
Target pests: Mosquitoes, Fliers, Fleas, Cockroaches, Acarid and kinds of husbandry pests.
Advantage: This product is High content, Long-time effective, Less toxic, environment-friendly.
It is produced with advanced technology. It is the best choice for killing pests especially the husbandry pests, lasting for a longer time and more effective.
Usage:It is first choice of long-time effective products of animal place for example hoggery, cattle farm, hennery, cultivation farm.
Usable range: can be sprayed in hoggery, cattle farm, hennery, cultivation farm, plane, train, bus, hotel, school, house, supermarket, farm and other place to kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fleas and ants.
Usable technical: Space spray.
Stay spray.
Package: 1kgW25packet/drum, 50gW100packet/case