Sell Load  cell--PA6341

Load  cell--PA6341
good side force resistance, suitable for forklift scales, testing instrument, various special scales.
Main parameters:
Rate ouput:2.0mv/v110%
Accuracy class:0.03, C3
Non-linearity: 0.03 FS
Hysteresis:0.03% FS
Creep in 30 minutes:0.03%FS
Temperature effect span:15ppm/0 of applied load
Temperature effect zero:26ppm/0 of applied load
Compensated Temperature range:-100-400
Operating Temperature range:-400-650
Zero balance:11%FS
Safe overload :150%FS
Ultimate overload :300%FS
Excitation voltage: 10vAC/DC
Maximum Excitation voltage:15vAC/DC
Insulation resistance:>=5000m
Enviromental protection:IP67
Material: Aluminum
OMIL Certification