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CXT/50P monitoring system applies to various level-arm tower cranes, providing the operator with actual and correct working states of tower crane through auto lightening LCD and the system is strengthed and updated by the function of zone protection. If the load reaches the crane rating , the specified moment or is close to the protected zone , it will sound an alarm and automatically perform relevant actions. The system occupies small space , easy to be installed , no need to be changed in any structure of the tower crane, so the double protection is guaranteed. CXT/50P system accords with the requirements of the GB12602-90 Technical Specifications on Safety of Protecting Equipment for Overload of Hoisting Machinery and GB7950-1999 General Specification on Load Moment Limiter of Jib Type Crane issued by the Technology Supervision Bureau of the Peoples Republic of China.

(1) Temperature of working environment: -200~ 600
(2) Humidity of working environment: less than 95 % (450)
(3) Supply voltage: ~ 220V125%
(To be customized as per clients specific requirments)
(4) Mode of operation: continuous
(5) Combined error of the system: less than 13%
(6) Repeatability error of weighing sensor: less than 10.3%
(7) Non-linear error of weighing sensor: less than10.3%
(8) Automatically saving all current data in case of supply failure down, with the function of black box
. (9) Acousto-optic early warning/alarming and output of multiple relays
The dimension of control box: 170W130W90mm
The dimension of display panel: 175W140W68mm
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