Sell Loans Against Bank Instruments Available

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I wanted to let you know, the best option that we have for funding international projects worldwide, , and this is great for quality direct Borrowers that have already in their possession or can get thru their Bank top Bank Instruments, we have our direct lender that will Loan against Bank Instruments from Top 50 World Banks or Top U. S. A. Banks.

The types of Bank Instruments we accept are:

*Bank Guarantees
*Irrevocable Standby Letters of Credit
*Treasury Bonds/Notes
*Corporate Bonds

They will also Loan against Leased Bank Instruments as long as our Lender is assigned the Instrument in their name as collateral for providing the loan and the instrument must be here in the U. S. A. for our lender to Loan against Leased Instruments, no exceptions.

The minimum loan amount is $25Million and their no maximum, the first transaction our lender likes to limit it to $1Billion max to start and after that, they will consider larger transactions.

The use of the funds need to support the loan amount and pass the question of Home Land Security, which is? Are these funds going to support enemies of the USA and it allies.

We will need to have a copy of the Bank Instrument and if the instrument is from a Foreign Bank then the Instrument must be assigned to our lender in their name with the client's company name.

If it is a Domestic USA bank that has the instrument here in the U. S. A. , then we will need a Copy, name of the bank and banker with phone number.

The Borrower can get the Loan in 3-4 days, most times in 3 days if goes accordingly, this is a very solid and well experienced Lender in providing these types of loans for quality Commercial Real Estate or Infrastructure Development worldwide.

If interested, contact me, you must be the Direct Principal or have direct access to the Principal, no exceptions to this.

Thank you,
Don Carter
Direct Correspondent/Consultant