Sell Local Control Stations

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Local Control Station is an unit, used for remote operation of the Motor through Starter, which should have features with various combinations, which, can be possible based on proven & satisfactory performance with experience, - which makes, A Maintenance Engineer free of Hastle / free of Worry / free of Replacement, which makes them SAY YEAH  PUSTRON IS A USER FRIENDLY PRODUCT.

PUSTRON Local Control Station design confirms to Indian Standard IS:8623 & are available for multifunction duties. They are also available in Various Sizes & types of Enclosures like FRP, Sheel Steel, Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron etc. & are designed for IP 55 and 65 Degree of Protection as per requirement. They are also available with / without Canopy.

Push Buttons, Switches, Indicator Lamps, Meter Units, all components whatever, asked for of an approved make can be installed inside any of PUSTRON range. This allows to give an Inventory control for the USER.

In the Local Control Stations Shrouded Push Button / Unshrouded Push Button / Mushroom Actuator / Stayput Actuator / Lockable Actuators of Red, Green, Yellow, Blue or Black colour Knobs are used. Also external padlocking attachment, Local / Remote & Auto / Manual Selector Switches are also provided as per requirement. Standard Instrument Moving Iron type / Taut band type / Digital type of Size: 72 / 96 Sq. mm are also provided as per requirement.

The actuator is provided with robust design control elements of 6A / 10A AC ratings and as a standard 1NO for start & 1 NC for stop are provided. However actuator can be provided with 1NO/ 1NC / 2NO / 2NC / 1NO + 1NC / 2NO + 2NC elements as per requirement. Control Elements with DC Current rating are also available.

Local Control Stations are available in two types: 1) Cover Mounted components with hinge cover, 2) Base mounted components so, that no wiring comes on the cover of the Enclosure.

PUSTRON Local Control Stations in FRP Enclosure is, we believe, the most robust in the market today. The Product is built for longevity and performance.