Sell Lockstich sewing machine

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Improved lubrication system:
The improve lubrication system prevents the sewn product from being stained with oil.

Perfect reverse feeding mechanism(New)
Reverse feeding stitch length can be adjusted, the new and perfect mechanism delivers quiet and smooth performance, guarantee the coherence of stitch length for the forward and reverse stitch applications.

Maintainability was improved:
The slant angle of feed dog on front and back can be adjusted, to reduce the crinkle and offset of material.
In addition, the machine is improved with a mounting seat for attachment to improve workability while replacing the attachment and increasing the durability of the machine bed surface.

Simple and Reliable Presser Foot Mechanism (New): New and Simple lift Presser Foot mechanism reduce the fault rate.
A light-touch stitch dial, a throat plate with maker grooves that can be used as guide for seam allowance, and other easy-to operate functions, the burden on the operator is lightened, and productivity is further increased.


BSL-8600N DBx1
#9-#18 2 0-5mm Medium 6/13mm 5500 370W 24.5/
35.5 56.5x24x52/
BSL-8600NA DAx1
#9-#11 2 0-5mm Light 6/13mm 4000 370W 24.5/
35.5 56.5x24x52/
BSL-8600NH DPx5
#18-#23 2 0-5mm Heavy 8/13mm 3500 370W 24.5/
35.5 56.5x24x52/
BSL-8660C DPx5
#18-#23 2 0-7mm Heavy 8/13mm 3500 370W 24.5/
35.5 56.5x24x52/

7BSL-8660C: With big hook, Suitable for heavy material.
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