Sell Log debarker HBY-320/500

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Mini/Max log diametre:5 - 32cm
Mini/Max log length: 1 m - unlimited
Production capacity (average log diameter 20cm) : 50 - 70 m3/8h
Clean rate: 95% (98% for straight log)
Infeed speed: 20 - 40 m / min (auto adjust )
Power consumption: 25 kw
Max log curvature: 6%
Max burl stickup: 3cm
Weight: 2000 kg

Mini/Max log diametre:14 - 50 cm
Mini/Max log length: 1.3 m - unlimited
Production capacity when
(average log diameter 40cm) : 80 m3/8h(Infeed speed 20m/min)
Clean rate: 98%
Infeed speed: 20 - 40m / min (auto adjust)
Max log curvature: 6%
Max burl stickup: 3 cm
Weight: 5600kg (Mechanical ring blade control) /6150kg(Hydraulic ring blade control)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Model Number
HBY-320 HBY-500
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
380V 50/60Hz
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L/C T/T Paypal